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This month we present builds from the AW Reunion world, courtesy of our intrepid reporter, Theo Fuzzybottom. Over 180 AW citizens are building something there, and builders from Yellow are well represented. However, we show a number of builds, hopefully providing an overall picture of the creativity and skill of citizens. This is the 15th anniversaty of Active Worlds, and this is a good way to show the world (RL!) just what we can do. So, thanks to all, and enjoy the pics we offer here. The best way to see what is happening is, of course, to visit the world yourself and just have a good walk/fly around. When you first land at AW Reunion, welcome centre, you can find teleport links to many places of interest. Further on you can find a teleport center of all the builds in the world. And finally, be sure to check out the info centre -- a very useful place to find announcements on events going on, not only in AW Reunion, but throughout the Active Worlds universe.

A final note -- the header is a screenshot of Bach Zhaa's airport.

Apooka's Yellow Gazette resort TunaBlue's build
Apooka's Yellow Gazette Staff Resort TunaBlue and Dreamer2's build
A beach resort Enki's Build
A beach resort by Steve o & Jules o Enkii's Build
Gemma's build Karmas build
Blue Green Gem's Build Karma's Build
kuma's build lobo's build
Kuma Bear's Build Lobo's Build
Lyrie's build Merry's build
Lyrie's Build Merry's Build
Shannon's build Starheart's build
Shannon's Build Starheart's Build
Ocean Breeze Club Mauz' build
The Ocean Breeze Club by Liz Liz Mauz' Build

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If you would like one of your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please contact Ozman (, or send him a telegram. Please provide the coordinates and if you have favourite screen shots, please include them too. Any description or comments will also be greately appreciated.