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Iao Moonshadow

In this issue we are featuring a fantastic build in Steam City by Iao Moonshadow, and our reporter was also fortunate in gaining an interview with her. We hope you enjoy Iao's builds featured here.

Pictures of Iao's Steam City Builds.

Iao and Fuzzy

Iao Moonshadow and Fuzzy

Interview with Iao Moonshadow conducted by Fuzzy

Theo Fuzzybottom: So tell me, how long have you been building?

Iao Moonshadow: Since 1999 in the universe called DreamLand Park, when I was guided by a friend to check out the ActiveWorlds program.

TF: You are a real veteran then!

IM: Off and on, depending on health and real life circumstances, yes. :) Building in ActiveWorlds for me brought together many things I love to do with regards to creative expression.

TF: So you like working in 3D where folks can walk through your creations?

IM: Visual, text, sound, a bit of programming, in pleasant and fun environments, and also combining expression and education with communications technology. And I love it! They can walk through something created where they can see, in some ways touch and feel from the build. A nice total package to explore :) Anyhow, for me ActiveWorlds was my stepping stone into the VR realm and venue, having combined those elements of expression in other ways before.

TF: Yes, it's fully multimedia and powerful indeed. Where have you been building other than Yellow?

IM: Oh goodness. Well , here in the AW universe I've build in Atlantis, Alphaworld, Mars (Extreme builders contest), a few rpgs like AWRPG-Kaoa for a bit. Some worlds that unfortunately are no longer here. And in my own world called Manaia , which at the moment is my private secret *winks* laboratory.

TF: ah, a secret world. I am intrigued :-)

IM: lol. It's a mess in there. Never know what is gonna blow up or fly at you. lol. Eventually I will turn it to a Polynesian adventure.

TF: Sounds like fun indeed. Apooka and Ozman have done a bit of that in their halloween stuff.

IM: Oh I noticed! There is so much fun you can do and create with this program! :) Brings out the kid and explorer, as well as erm...the thrill in figuring how to make it all work.

TF: Yes, lots to learn and work with.

IM: One of the many "slippers" I wear is lecturer and native practitioner of native Hawaiian culture and history. I like to combine education with fun VR 3d interactives.

TF: So your world would be a retreat as well as a learning exploration. I think VR like this will play a larger role in eduction in the near future.

IM:It has already for me. One year I taught a high school class where I used the program to have them "build" their final exams. lol. It was certainly fun to say the least.

TF: Well, thanks for that, one last question. Your build here in Steampunk City, are you enjoying this?

IM: Immensely! With all the fantastic talents here, it certainly has challenged me to step up my game and creation in sync with the theme and talents here. My Nautilus was a childhood dream to make. :P Thank Apooka and Ozman for this theme village. And I think my pick up wings outside the main building, and my star chime in the opposite main building were results of the inspiration from all the top notch builders here.

TF: Well, we hope you keep building here. Great to have you on board.

Iao's Nautical entry
Entrance to Nautical Square
At corner of Iao's block
At the corner of Iao's block
Iao's mover
A Steampunk Mover
Entering the Hydro magnetic synergy plant
OIM Wings
OIM Wings - a pickup mover
The Nautilus
Gangway to the Nautilus
Double hauled airship canoe (work in progress)
energy station
Hydro magnetic energy station
Lake current generator

When you visit Nautical Square, be sure to walk around and try out stuff. There are lots of triggers and moving devices tucked away in there, including the submarine!

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