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    Vol. 6. No. 2. October 2015


Nellie, Mr Crabtree and the rest of the garden crew hope you enjoy these plants and textures provided courtesy of Apooka. We have some interesting files for your Halloween build.

ap_gp01.png ap_gp2.jpg
ap_gp3.jpg ap_gp4.jpg
ap_gp5.png ap_gp6.png
ap_gp7.png ap_htree.png

Please copy these files to your own directories and do not just link to them.

When you use these plants and textures in your builds, or if you want AW to use them as textures, be sure to keep them as small as possible. AW prefers the graphics to be no larger than 512 x 512 pixels, and preferably 256 x 256 or 128 x 128. For more information, read Stacee's article in the AW Newsletter April 2011, Content for Real-Time Environments.

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