With That Fuzzy set off on his first task: enlist Randy to help him sort out the Trudy drama. Randy had a certain way with Trudy; he seemed to do something no one else had yet managed to do: he brought out her kinder nature. And from all accounts so far, that is just what is needed.

It was late morning by the time Randy arrived in Fuzzy's office. He entered in his normally upbeat way, a smile from ear to ear. "What is up?" he beamed, "So what, ya just missed me?" he went on to tease.

"Hi, come in and close the door. We need to talk. Something's come up and I need your help with a bit of a delicate matter," Fuzzy said in a bit of a whisper.

In the past when Fuzzy needed Randy's help, he just told him when and were. This seemed more serious. Fuzzy saw the puzzled look on Randy's face, and not wanting to make things see too tense just smiled back and said: "Hey, tell ya what, let's grab some lunch over at my place. I need to grab some gear before we set off. Will fill you in on the job on the ride over."

"OK, sounds good," Randy replied, still taken aback by the cloak and dagger act. Hmm mused Randy, not his style; this must be big.

Part 2 Stormy Reunion

The sky was a swirling mass of grey now: no sun, no dancing rainbow, only wind and biting rain. When they reached the boat, captain Jake yelled for them to get a leg on as this was his last trip. He said the storm was going to be a big one. If it was all the same to us he would rather not die today. At first Fuzzy thought Jack was being a bit of an alarmist, but as the small boat began to make its way up river, it was clear he was anything but. The waves in the river were white caps and the wind from the north came in cold cutting bursts. Randy and Fuzzy retreated to cover in the wheel house. Now out of the rain, Fuzzy began to tell Randy the details of the recent events regarding Ms Trudy's unfortunate ordeal.

He was so wrapped up in his story he did not notice the change in his friend. Randy had grown very upset. In fact if he did not know better, it looked like he was going to cry or maybe throw up. "Are you ok?" Fuzzy reached out to steady a wobbly Randy. He moved away. "I am fine, just a bit of a shock is all."

"Yes this weather came out of nowhere," said Fuzzy.


"No not that. Ms Trudy, how could people be so mean. I just want to..." But before he could go on, the captain gave out a yell. "You boys be ready to jump ship.

"I do not plan on stopping long, I got to make Swamp Harbor before this gale makes me wife a widow. Aye look there. Dang fools trying to sail the point in this blow, she will end up on the rocks for sure." They watched as a tiny boat lurched up and down in the waves. One large figure on deck was moving about in a kind of manic fashion and a smaller figure seemed to be giving orders and steering the boat. Just as it looked like were certain to crash, a gust of wind caught the sail and the tiny boat went airborne. The crazy man at the tiller was a master. He caught the wind, used it to get up speed, then dropped the sail and the anchor and spun the small boat in parallel to the dock coming to a full stop. The two figures jumped ship and began to secure the boat.

Meanwhile Randy and Fuzzy just stood there amazed, not believing what they had just seen. Captain Jake, however, broke their transfixed state. "Yeah bloody amazing. Now impress me with your speed. I am not stopping. I will swing in but you have to jump if ya want off."

"What are you crazy we cannot jump..." Fuzzy had no time to say another word when the captain yelled: "Ready, Set, Jump!"

The next thing Fuzzy knew he was face first in the grass on the bank, Randy next to him laughing: "Now that was intense."

Fuzzy had never been too keen on getting wet and now he was covered in mud as well. Slipping and sliding they made their way onto the dock - no easy task as it was lurching to and fro and the winds did them no favors.

"Who are these two and why are they unloading cargo in this storm on my dock?" Fuzzy's question was rhetorical at best.

Randy was the first to spot it. "You know, there is something familiar about those two."

Then all became clear. The larger figure was clearly trying to motion to the smaller one to forget unloading and go inside. Then it happened. The smaller of two waving hands about, stopped, placed one foot slightly forward and then two hands on the waist, an oh too well defiant posture that Fuzzy had seen all his life, first from his mother and now his sister.

The boys in unison blurted "Petal!" Randy raced along the dock and scooped her up in what can only be descried as a text book Bear of a Hug.

Fuzzy, however, was gobsmacked. How in the world could that crazy person sailing the boat be his little sister. The other crazed sailor was Joe; now that not so hard to believe. But his sister, his baby sister. It did not take long for the little group to get the rest of the cargo off the swaying boat. Soon they were all standing face to face in the lift, soaking wet covered in mud. Fuzzy was just about to do the expected big brother "what were you thinking" when Petal suddenly said: "Oh the presents! And made a start back into the storm toward the boat.

"Oh no ya do not!" Fuzzy grabbed her by the arm. She pulled away. "you do not understand. They are very valuable, I have to get them." She was about to pull away again when Fuzzy relented. "OK, you stay here and I will go."

Randy laughed and pulled out his phone: "Let me get shot of the Hero!" laughing.

Fuzzy zapped

Fuzzy glared at Randy, then he pulled his hat down and stepped back onto the storm. The wind was screaming now and small hail pelted him. He found the box easily enough and was on his way back, when first he felt his fur stand on end then kind of sizzle sound and then CRACK!!! Lightning struck the dock behind him. He was sure if it been a few inches closer he would no longer be able to live up to his surname.

"Hey I think I got that shot!" Randy was the only one laughing. Fuzzy just stood there silently shaking a bit, his fur standing on end. Randy started to say something about him looking like a right giant fur ball, when Joe slapped him on the back the head. "I think best we all get warm and dry," said Joe, giving Randy a very cross look indeed. All agreed.

Part 3 Welcome Home

While Fuzzy was getting clean and dry, this allowed him to work up a full interrogation with all potential questions.

Petal knowing her brother well she anticipated his actions. By the time Fuzzy joined the others, Petal and Joe had a true feast layed out. The smells of warm soup and fresh bread filled the room. Randy got a fine fire going in the fireplace. This was a true haven from the raging storm outside.

Randy threw a roll at Fuzzy. "Try one of these, they are brilliant. So guys, were did you get the recipe for these? Some exotic location I will bet?" It was clear Randy was trying to ease the tension he felt in the room, maybe trying a bit too hard. Petal shushed him.

"Oh yes these are very exotic." Laughing, Fuzzy went on: "Let's see, we have Nana's sweet rolls, my favorite, and let me guess; could that be meat ball soup I smell, all my favorites. Nice try sis!" Petal threw her hands up in mock surrender. "Got any apple tarts in your arsenal of distractions?"

"No, but will pumpkin pie do?" added Joe with a pleading smile.

Fuzzy laughed and said, "Well it will buy you some time, lets eat. But do not think you will not have some explaining to do. First off you two are a week early? And I was to have met you at Mom's house."

Joe and Petal exchanged a curious glance, then Petal simply said "It's long story Bro, best eat before it gets cold." and so they did. It was a most enjoyable lunch and is the way with old friends, they exchanged old and new stories alike, catching up had indeed been a pleasant distraction.

Soon after the meal was done Fuzzy moved away from the others and found him self staring out the window. "This storm is not going to break anytime soon. That has done us in for sure, no way we are going up river today." He let out a sigh. Randy joined him and the two heads together started to chat about what do next, how would they help sort this Ms Trudy mess.

Hearing Trudy's name mentioned, Joe laughingly asked "So what that sassy lassie been up now aye, ruffling someone feathers I wager!" But the look on the boys' faces was somber, causing both Petal and Joe to ask: "What's the matter then, why so glum?"

Randy went on to explain how before the storm hit they had been going to the spa to investigate the recent tragic events. Fuzzy went on to add that from all accounts she will not even leave her house. The boss had gone all out to accommodate Trudy, even getting Doctor Tinsdale, the chief of staff at the Admiratio Village Clinic, to make house calls. He said she's fine, mending well, but no matter what he does she will not go out. Claims the public humiliation was too great.

Ms Trudy and the doctor

Joe and Petal just sat there listening. Fuzzy and Randy took turns on the details. But all in all by time they finished bringing the two up to date, the whole room was in a somber mood. They all sat silent for a long while when finally Joe spoke: "Gets my fur up. How anyone could be so unkind as to post that picture. People need to think before they go posting anything and everything. I mean, was the laugh really worth hurting that sweet lass. We have to do something!"

All agreed. Petal said: "Yes, but what? Let's think on it a bit. Like Fuzzy said, we are not going anywhere today. First off, I would like to teach that would-be office manager a thing or two. But it sounds like our bosses have that well in hand. So our focus is how to cheer up Ms Trudy." Petal smiled. "Well I for one have a start.

"Fuzzy, can you and Randy grab the boxes you got off the boat and bring them in here please."

Fuzzy said: "Sure. Think it is safe this time? So what is in the boxes I nearly died for!?"

"Oh stop being a drama, we have work to do." She handed the first box to Fuzzy. "This one is for you big bro." Fuzzy opened the box but was not sure what he was looking at. As he removed it all became clear: it was a costume, and a very well made one to boot.

"OK this great, but how is this going to help Ms Trudy?" said Fuzzy.

She pointed to a large box with white bow. "That one will, it is a grand queen bee costume. the perfect thing to spark her back to herself. I know that woman and there no way she will be able to resist this and well -if It was delivered by the right guy..."

All three looked at each other and said: "Oh no not me."

Petal said: "Oh come on Joe. You go down, take few flowers, some candy and this outfit, a bit of a kind word, she will be putty in your hands." Petal smiling at Joe and fluttered her eyes, teasing him.

Petal continued: "Fuzzy, you and Randy can go to the spa and do your investigation and find that Panda set him straight. I have the perfect costume for him: one that will show Trudy he is sorry. And you can talk to that sister of hers to make sure she's not going to be trouble. The ball is only days away now. We'd best get to work." All agreed "Good. Now let's try on these costumes and see how ya look.

You know the old saying...

"Life is what happens while you're making plans."

How true this was for our little group on that stormy night.
Before anyone could open their boxes, 3 loud knocks came from the front door.
It was no wonder that between the storm and all this talk of Halloween they all jumped half out of their fur.

No one moved. A few moments passed and then three more knocks, this time louder.
Randy bravely opened the door, and as he did, as if on queue, thunder roared, lightning flashed. All anyone could see were two hooded shapes.
A voice broke the moment: "Do not just stand there you silly Gofurrrr, help a lady in."
Randy shouted: "Ms Trudy!? What are you doing here?"
"Never mind that. Give us a hand!" she instructed in those oh so familiar tones.
Randy rushed forward to help her in.
"Come along Lenora." she motioned the other figure forward.
"It is not as bad as it looks." Trudy said.
Lenora entered the room and set down the bags. She pushed back her hood;
Fuzzy nearly stopped breathing. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.
"Who is this red-haired girl?"

Fuzzy seeing Lenora

"Well this will be interesting", said Joe.

What next? Who indeed is this girl? (You might know if you have read all the YG.)
How did they travel in the storm?
Will the costumes fit? Will they all make it to the ball?

Who Knows? Find out next time as the adventure continues.

Until then, happy Halloween everyone.

The gang in costume

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