A Halloween Tour in Yellow

Hello Folks,

Randy here, filling in for Fuzzy. Not to worry, Fuzzy will soon be back from his travels. I for one look forward to hearing all about his latest adventure.

Until then I have a bit of Trick or Treat fun for everyone.

As you may or may not be aware, the Y.B.G. has been building a Halloween fun area for the last 6 years. Each year more is added to the spooky realm. And as I have been lost there myself many a times, I have come up with a tour route for you to try to get the lay of the land. We will start our adventure tour at the entrance to the Darkan wood.

Darken Wood with Randy
Darkan Wood 132.53S 1661.25E 0.02a 179.

Now we shall travel south thru the woods; you will want keep eye out for sketchy folks in the woods, or the tour will start out more trick than treat. You may see Elsa Wrongway the broom vendor. Note the name, so borrowing a broom is at your own risk. Me, I keep my paws on the ground thanks. When you reach the cross roads take left to the Echo Meadow bridge. Hint: keep to the right side of the bridge, as those guards are unforgiving. They see everyone as trespassers and will deal with you as such. Once across the bridge you will find yourself at the Echo Meadow Towne Hall.

Echo Meadow Towne Hall
Echo Meadow Towne Hall 150.41S 1696.76E 0.05a.

Take time here to wait for the down load, read a few help signs. Inside the Towne Hall is a teleport hall which houses a collection of vintage Halloween builds from years past to be found all over the AW universe. Most are still in good nick and working order, but a few may have lost some content over the years and have dead links. But most are ready for a visit, something to try later. Also in the Towne Hall you will find the start to the Auntie Rue's scavenger hunt game. So be sure come back later check it out.

Singing Rock Dock
Singing Rock Docks 160.16S 1698.10E 0.08a 118

But for now we are moving on to stop 3 on the tour: next stop - the Docks.

Take the first right past the Towne Hall, follow the snaking road around the park to the dock. Here you could take a ride thru the Misty cave: lots spooky stuff in there. If you take the whole trip you will find yourself at the Halloween ball area.

Next we will move on, heading just to the north of the dock, we come to the Lakeview Terrace Sanitarium, not a good place for the weak of heart I can tell you. Last anyone heard the team of ghost hunters was still missing in there. You're a braver bear than me if you choose to try find out their fate.

Lakeview Terrace
Lakeview Terrace 162.28S 1697.72E 0.07a 198

As we make our way thru the lower village, now traveling to the east, you will pass number of questionable houses, each with its own story. But the house we seek for this next stop on our tour is the family home unlike any other: 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

1313 Mockingbird Lane
1313 Mockingbird Lane 159.29S 1716.72E 0.05a 271.

You can call it good luck or bad if you knock on the door and find the family home. Now we move toward the north and you will find yourself back on the Old Stage Road. Straight across the road is the ---INN. You can say it is the original "They check in but no one ever checks out" kind of place. Again a fun place if you like a good fright.

We shall now take a turn and head up the hill to the east. On our left we come to the mover stables; there you can grab a ride of a different sort. Not sure if I am up for riding a flying pig, but you be sure to have a go. On the other side of the street you will find the Hare Dare maze. As I understand it the maze was one the first things built round here. Warning! Hares are tricksters. There may be more in there than shrubs.

Haddie's Mover Stables
Haddie's Mover Stables 150.18S 1729.71E 0.05a 271.

For now our journey presses on up the hill to the east where you will reach the gates to Upper Echo Meadow. Passing thru the gate now, moving ahead you will come to a crossroads. To the right is the main graveyard entrance, and as you would expect, the place is filled with all manner of spirits. And for the truly bold, make your way to the catacombs under the grave yard, where you will find the entrance in the Collins family crypt. If at the cross roads we were to take a left, follow the path to the Widows Hill Manor, a place of dark shadows. I cannot tell you much more about this house of fear, other than Fuzzy said he had nightmares for a week after a trip thru the kitchen. On that note our little tour moves forward.

Along the road now toward the ruins of the old cathedral, the location for the Traditional Halloween Ball.

Old cathedral
Old Cathedral 151.03S 1763.53E 0.66a 269.

As in years past much has been updated and fun surprises are around every corner. But what we all look forward to is the party. This year the Ball is on Halloween rather than Halloween eve. Check the front page for all the details, times and so on.

Now we move past the ball area to follow the road down the hill to the North. This is my personal favorite. It's filled with games and the Haunted Carnival.

Games & Carnival
Games and Haunted Carnival 136.78S 1770.92E -0.01a 296.

The games, the rides are so much fun you could spend the whole day here not find everything there is to do. So visit more than once. Oh, a word of advice. The main game is best played with three people. Two to play and one to keep score, and to keep the others honest :).

The game is never the same twice, so each player has an equal chance to win.

It matters not if you are a first time visitor or a returning friend; there is always something new to see. I heard there's a really scary place at the back of the carnival called the Two Sisters, Two Fates. Hmmm, sounds fun; think I will go have a look. Who knows what might see you there.

Two Sisters, Two fates
Two Sisters, Two Fates 132.94S 1794.93E 0.31a 275.

So that brings our tour to an end. I hope this helps you on your fur-raising explorations. Do try walking thru the area; just flying about you will miss so much. Above all, have fun. That's what it is all about in the end: how much fun did you have.

So safe travels and have a spooky good time.

Happy Halloween to one and all.


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