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People have been doing the Halloween theme for their builds since the beginning of AWI in 1995. We offer here a retrospective of some of these builds done by past and current citizens. You can visit these builds through the coordinates for each picture, or you can visit the Old Echo Meadow Town Hall located at Yellow 150.84S 1700.78E 0.05a 176, and teleport to them from there. More Halloween builds will be added to the teleport hall as they come in.

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Selected AWI Halloween Builds

Lara's Halloween buildHalloween Display by Lara, 2001. Coordinates: aw 23528.0N 23479W 0.3a 270 Earthcritter's music boxHaunted Musicbox by Earthcrittter, 2003. Coordinates: aw 8676.34S 290.00E 0.15a 3
Heretik's Alien ShipHeretik's Alien Ship (Mars world), 2004. Coordinates: Mars 417.25N 232.98W 0.00a 304 DremeLojyk's ghost train Dreme Lojyk's Ghost Train 2, 2005. Coordinates: aw 8719.45S 306.34E 0.18a 313
SWCity's Grimwood Forest Grimmwood Forest -- SWCity, 2005. Coordinates: aw 2333S 3985E 0.1a 0 Shannon's Ghost Castle Ghost castle by Shannon, 2005 with updates. Coordinates: aw 29189.73N 32749.29E 0.02a 88
SWChris' haunted mansion Haunted Mansion by swchris (rides4us world), 2007. Coordinates: rides4us 19.40S 0.62W 0.01a 89M Haunted house by OneSummer Haunted House by OneSummer, 2007. Coordinates: aw 942.7S 5196.8E 0.1a
Bach Zhaa's spooky build Bach Zhaa's spooky build, 2009. Coordinates: aw 9133.94N 18968.42E 0.24a 62 Halloween Build GZGZ for 2011 Halloween Build in Yellow. Coordinates: 1627.63N 980.03E 0.02a 265

Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please telegram Ozman or Apooka. If you build it and tell us, they will come, that is, if they know the coordinates. So send us your builds and coordinates. Any description or comments you would like to add will also be greately appreciated. Alternatively, you can email