Time for update

After extended hibernation the bears are back. Spring has sprung, and now summer is just around the corner. Let's bring you up to date.

On the dock

The first thing I would like to do is clear up a few rumors. All staff of the Yellow Gazette are alive and well. There had been some speculation as to the fate of one Lucy Larksong. It is true Lucy had quite the adventure, details we can discuss later. But long story short, not only did she climb Paw Mountain; she is the youngest female to have done so. And yes there was a period of heightened danger when and out of season storm struck the climbers. But all achieved the goal and returned safely. I for one along with all of the staff at the Yellow Gazette am not only pleased she returned safely but are extremely proud of her achievement.

Next on the update list.

Rufus & family

Our very own Rufus Allen Fuzzybottom. It's hard to believe it has been four years since we all witnessed the marriage of Rufus and Chloe. This young couple has come a long way in that time and have had many interesting adventures, including the dramatic events surrounding the expansion of their family. Not to mention mysterious and surprising inheritance of the long abandoned Burrfoot Cove, a responsibility the couple has taken to heart. So while everyone else including his lovely mate Chloe and their new triplet cubs got a long needed hibernation, Rufus stayed awake and was hard at work restoring and breathing new life into Burrfoot cove. You can visit the cove by going to Yellow 207.93S 1700.37E 0.19a 178.

Captain Bol Tasseltail

Rufus has not only been able to restore many of the tree house cabins, but also the long lost much beloved MawHooNuh River Lodge. But he didn't do this alone; he had a great deal of help from the Yellow Builders Guild. This industrious bear with his team have not only been busy on the Burrfoot cove structures, but he managed with the help of longtime Yellow resident TIM TIM to wrangle a deal with none other than Bol Boatman Tassletale, the Yellow Riverboat Tour company manager, to restore and extend the riverboat travel network. Soon it'll be possible to travel the full length of the Maw Hoo Nah river system.

So be sure and visit Burrfoot Cove resort, stop in enjoye the entertainment and the great food at the river lodge. And be sure to try one or more of the many riverboat rides and explore the MawHooNuh River. Check it out the build of the month page, there you can see screenshots and get the coordinates to visit the above mentioned location.

Steam city
Many projects are in the works

Steam City logo

The new iron works factory is coming on very nicely, not to mention a few interesting factories. An all new Yellow world teleport hall is in the works, not to mention the air hangers popping up here and there. And the coming soon will be theTesla museum and Lab works. Visit Steam City at Yellow 1839S 1691E 0.03a 90.

Do you have a Steampunk dream?? If so, contact Apooka and or Ozman via telegram to get your city section today. If you can dream it you can build it. We look forward to seeing what mad creation you all come up with.

Check out Build of the Month page for the latest screen shots and coords to some interesting new places.

Professor Daysong joins the YG

Professor Thaddeus Daysong and his apprentice, Bentley Blackstorm, have agreed to join us at the YG to provide information of interest from the Academy Of Magick, located just outside Darken Wood. Professor Daysong said that he is delighted to become a part of the Gazette, and looks forward to providing much entertaining information.

And remember if you have some place you like to share with everyone, Contact me, Fuzzy, at yellowgazette@cox.net, or send a telegram to Apooka and/or Ozman with the name of the build and the world with the coord and your name.

See your work in the Gazette... I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time Bye for now


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