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This month we are featuring two new builders in Yellow. Kuma Bear has only been building for about 9 months or so, and she's already got up a whole town in Alpha, and builds in Yellow as well. Paolo and Damares have been building for about 5 months on a new build in Yellow. They are both from Brazil. We also feature an old hand, Doc1, who has done some magnificent builds over the years. We were fortunate in getting interviews with all of these folks, and we feature these below. And finally, we present some shots of some of the builds in the Extreme Builder Talent Show. It's worth visiting this; there are many excellent builds on display.

Kuma Bear's Alpha Build. Coordinates: aw 16033.98N 26935.00W 0.04a 183

Interview with Kuma Bear

We caught Kuma Bear at one her builds, and she kindly granted us an interview.
Theo Fuzzybottom (TF): Thanks so much for talking with me. When did you first start building?
Kuma Bear (KB): June of 2010 shortly after i came to AW
TF: You have been busy ;-) Did you use the AWSchool at all to learn stuff?
KB: Yes, I went there and read the walls.
TF: Is Bleakwood your main build for the moment? KB: Yes. I am trying to make a whole town with as much detail as Alpha can give.
TF: Well, what I've seen is pretty impressive. I've not had much time there yet, but are you doing movers there?
KB: Movers? well I have no V4 but I do have Cars and a Van on the roads, and I love to have avatars walking around
TF: YOu need V4 in Alpha? I didn't know that.
KB: Yes (pouts)... But I do have one build on Yellow at 1598.01N 1585.66W 0.95a 270.
TF: Why did choose Alpha for your main build instead of Yellow?
KB: I have an odd love of the old place, and there is lots of room. Also there is the challenge. It was my first place to build and I know it very well. But As time goes on i may be build more and more in Yellow.
TF: That would be great. We love new builders :-)
KB: I have to be careful as I tend to build big in some ways.
TF: You ought to see some of ours in Yellow! Big and dense.
TF: you should stop by the new teleport center at the YG office (yellow 177.33S 1614.27E 0.09a 100) you can find links to all kinds of great builds in Yellow, as well as location all around the ActiveWorlds universe.
TF: Well I would like to thankyou for taking time to talk to me today, and show me around this amazing build site.
KB: No problem, please visit again soon. TF: Indeed I will, I wish you happy building and look forward to seeing more great things from you. Welcome to the ActiveWorlds universe.

Kuma BearKuma Bear pic

Kuma Bear's Alpha buildCoordinates: aw 16033.98N 26935.00W 0.04a 183

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Doc1's builds.

Interview with Doc1

We caught Doc1 between his AWSchool work and his building here in Yellow for this interview.
TF: How long have you been building in AW?
Doc1: I have been building in AW for about 15 years; started out making a campsite with a teepee and a fire. 1996, I think.
TF: What are your favourite builds that you have created?
Doc1: Most of the old basic instruction builds in AWSchool were my builds. Lots more have been added since then. My Yellow dance place build, the old science building at the AWS university and the Winter toy store are my favourites at the moment.
TF: Why did you select Yellow for building in?
Doc1: Yellow has always been a great place to build. It's really great now with the objects it offers and the things you can do with the new commands.
TF: I know you are teaching at the AWSchool; do you point any of your students in Yellow's direction?
Doc1: If they ask me, I always say either AW or Yellow.Yellow has a nice entrance and good objects signs.
TF: What do you think would go well in Yellow as a building project?
Doc1: An old time building design with all kinda objects using the scale command with nice lighting and texture. An old school, a church, an old building with a modern upgrade. Or an old diner, or even an old time farm or town.
TF: Do you have any special projects planned for the near future?
Doc1: Yes, there is always something in planning; it all depends on how things go. If it gets busy in AWSchool that will take up most of my time. Right now I am working on instructions and examples of the new commands and some old in AW University and trying to get to the new people that come in for basic building. Also my job is to look out for potential teachers that can teach basics in AWSchool. And I would like to have some parties at my Dance place in Yellow; as it is now I have no v4 rights, but when I get them I will improve the build. If anyone wants to use the place feel free to use it.
TF: What do you think of all the new stuff AW has provided, like physics, cloth, etc?
Doc1:I really think is makes AW more interesting and I have fun combining different commands together to see what I come up with. Then the hard part is to figure out how to use them in a build.
TF: do you have a 'wish list' of what you would like to see in AW and Yellow?
Doc1: Always more cool objects and maybe more competitions so you can win v4 rights. And I think the future is movement with these new commands and getting the community together in builds, besides the birthday dances and bingo. A community build like they had in winter this year was real fun.

Doc1Doc1 pic

Some of Doc's builds
1: Old Science Building, AWSchool 34.88s 179.21w 0.02a 181 2: The Toy Store, Winter 729.74n 1994.11e 0.0a 264 3: The Yellow Dance Hall, Yellow 616.10s 1815.27e -0.01a 89

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Paolo and Damares' build. Coordinates: 1750.21N 1233.64W -0.02a 117

Interview with Paolo and Damares

Here is the interview with Paolo and Damares. Paolo answered for both as he speaks English.
TF: You said you only started building a few months ago, is that right?
P: In Yellow World, yes.
TF: Oh, OK. You were building in AWTeen before that?
P: Yes, since 2007.
TF: Oh, OK. And Damares too?
P: Yes.
TF: You have been partners for a long time then.
P: Since 2007 :)
TF: What prompted you to build in Yellow?
P: Yes, very good objects here.
TF: Are you and Damares working together here to build a village?
P: We don't know yet.
TF: Oh, OK. You are just building and see what happens.
P: Yes :)
TF: That can be a lot of fun too :-) What are you building now?
P: A farm.
TF: OK. We have taken a couple of really good photos of that.
P: :)
TF: Do you use the AWSchool to learn things about building?
P: No, sometime I ask to Vera.
TF: Ah, she works in the school too, yes?
P: Yes. She is Brasilian.
TF: Ah. Well, that's good then for you. Now, you said that you have a whole town you built in AWTeen?
P: Yes, there are too many tourist constructions.
TF: Oh, I see. Not good then.
P: Yes. But you can see :) Here are the coordinates. [awteen 431.08N 2136.54E -0.00a 257].
TF: Thank you for the interview. It's been very helpful.

Paolo and DamaresPaolo and Damares

Paolo and Damares buildsCoordinates: 1750.21N 1233.64W -0.02a 117

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Builds from EBTS4.

Here are some of the builds that are featuring in the Extreme Builders contest for 2011 (EBTS4). There are some spectacular builds, some of which have been done by people who build a lot in Yellow. It's worth visiting this world and seeing what folks are up to, pushing the AW software very hard indeed.

First batch
First batch

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