Vision #1

We were one without a space to dwell
And so we dwelt with all
And we had no eyes to see but yet
Envisioned all who
In raiment unbeknownst to us sat
Upon a marbled stage to play
And sing a paean of ecstasy.

Achaean, demigod of Souls
Began to sing in praise of
And soon was joined by Golden Goddess'
Melody outreaching
Entwined together songs they sang
To reach
To assail the Gates of Eden
And were welcomed within.

Human choirs of the Spirit of the Hymn
And Omega's lasting gift
Creates a fusion of the Whole
Uplifted to a point of no return
For the paltry Conscious.

Roll back the black!
Surround the pit of dark
With gloried spirits to pervade,
To will the nothing from

Ad astra.
The point to which
We shall never return.

But a blonde man sings
Attired in the habit of the
Perversion of the Ultimate by minds
Twisted sick
Unwilling to conceive the real

Cavern of darkness glowering
Into a shaft of Gold.
A stone block set
Before the route of Love
And choirs of despairing humanity push the block
To plug and seal their
Moment of escape.

Decision by the dark minds utterly crushed
By sacred particles of Spirit Courage.
A Te Deum chanted loudly enough
To sway the souls to
Push back again.

Marching free in order
And in no order;
Purged of all the whims
Of real streams of conscious and yet --
No conscious. We stand
At last before
And through the Final Point:
We are God, and God can hear us singing.