Nature's Little Ways

Melancholy moonbeams
Strike across the water
Human handed cottage
Friendly happy laughter
   But the windows are all shuttered
   Conversations uttered
On to splashing flashing crystal
Of the purple lakes of mountains
Reaching down from snow peaks
Diamond laden snow creeks
Racing through the firs/pines
   Mine! Mumble mountains
   To the puny man things
   Who are sighing
   Underneath the fey spell
   Of a mental world hell...


Trees and rocks are chatting
One unto the other:
"Smother all the machinations
Of the earthly human nations
Who would come and steal our place
And grace the ruined land with dross."
Ancient forest, flocks of geese
Have heard the clanks
Have smelt the grease
"The coach of life shall pass us by
Driven by the human whim!"
"And swim away the finned fish,
The dish
Of death awaits your scales."
Sails of shadow whisk
Brisk through the soon to be devoured
Hills where
Spills the blood of nature on the ravaged ground.
"Within this human reek,
We cast a spell of counter evil
And we shall play
Within the minds of all the men
Who toy with us under
Melancholy moonbeams.