Homo Economicus*

We have adopted One Dimension
Which of old was called Mammon
And we use it as a measure
Of a lifefime's hoarded treasure
to put value on a life.

We are fodder for the Canons
Of the State and robber barons
Who count profits they are making
But forget the backs they're breaking
as they drain the planet's life.

And our lives become a scramble
Or, at least, a desperate gamble
To survive. We labour harder
To put food into the larder
As we downsize human life.

So the rich become our betters
As they chain us with the fetters
Of the Credo of the greedy.
Then they damn the poor and needy
As a drain upon their lives.

And the language we are using
And the terms we are abusing
Let us think we're acting rightly.
But the truth is shining brightly
Casting shadows on our lives.


We are Homo Economicus
We are simple ledger entries
On the balance sheet of life.