Silent Voices - a song

For Peter Kennedy

There were ships from all the churches,
There were boats from all the faiths.
And they sailed away from disbelief
The rocky crags of non-belief
To find somewhere a blessed relief
While sailing on the sea of God.

Every vessel had a captain
Who were called by different names:
Priests and mullahs, popes and deacons,
Swamis, rabbis, monks, sub-deacons,
All believed they were the beacons
Upon these ships afloat in God.

And the people on these vessels
Sought relief upon the decks
By listening as their captains preached
Believed the words their captains preached
Believed their ships would finally reach
The land across the sea of God.

But - some among the souls on board
The many vessels of the fleet
Were not content. They wished for more
They craved deep love, desired more
They sought the depths before the shore
They thirsted on the sea of God.

They tried to speak of what they felt
To crews and captains of the ships;
Were banned from speaking of their needs.
The captains feared such sinful seeds
Would lead the crews to fearful deeds:
Rebellion on the sea of God.

They kept their voices to themselves,
Their spirits feeling chained - enslaved.
At last the need became too strong
They knew that they could not belong
They suffered want for far too long
Stifled on the sea of God.

One day at dawn, the time had come,
First one, and then another jumped
From off the ships into the sea.
A blessed feeling to be free
To celebrate a jubilee
Of love within the sea of God.

And - discovered with a burst of joy
They had no need of boats or ships.
They walked within a sea of bliss
As ardent as a lover's kiss,
And knew that life could lead to this
Awakening in the sea of God.