a skull

Hallowe'en, With the Original Cast

Harvest season's done and Summer's course
Is run, and Winter's creeping chilling force
Is touching fingers on the dying land.
And minutes timed by finest crystal-sand
Slide on - a curtain to the drama yet
To come…
Candle lighted pumpkins set
Amidst the tree and fir of eerie wood
Call up on the Spirits
Who laugh and cry
And scream! In dreamlike
Phantom tones
As shades of life bestir
Their ancient, whitened bones.

And thus:
The ghosts and bones that have lain long dead
Arise and jump as the moon turns red
They flit and flee their dismal ground
As they look for fearful men to hound.
They wail their way to quiet towns
Their burial shrouds their only gowns,
And woe betide the folk who walk
On this only eve when the spirits stalk
The blood that's red to match the moon.
Oh! Their voices shriek a horrid tune:
Blood! Meat! There's flesh to eat,
And pity the man we chance to meet.
Blood! Meat!
Pity the man we chance to meet…