The Caretakers

There is an eleventh commandment:
You shall protect the earth and the life thereon.
No longer can we get away with ravaging our planet.
No longer can we survive in a society which makes
Rape, greed and paranoia the basis of social structure.

No longer can we survive without using our collective intelligence in a cooperative fashion.
We can be the caretakers.

The caretakers are people who
  in place of paranoia -- teach
  in place of hate -- love
  in place of greed -- give
  in place of mindless competition -- cooperate.

The caretakers

Keep our planet alive,
Teach us to survive,
Ccherish and nourish our bodies, minds, spirits, and our planet.
They seek to find harmony and balance.
They learn more than they teach.
They cherish the freedom to be as they are without fear.