Rant 1

Fill my mind with gladness and a sort of madness pervades
All that lies within the realm of my fantasy; invades
The general of the very Real and deals me hands of poker
Consisting of two aces and one worldly Joker
By the name of Sam. I am not one to curse aloud
Unless the situation is decidedly avowed
To be without redeeming social significance,
And although my nervous fixed intransigence
Creates a baleful human stare around me - generally
I don't care. Who would dare aggresively
Attack a worldly marbles game when I am losing
All the earthly chance of choosing
Which Fate to date for the duration of an oft-
Defined and xeroxed cycle? True, a very soft
And pleasing lady, teasing me at length
With cord and scissors. The tensile strength
Of nylon pylons that she holds in hand
Often makes me wonder as I stand
With my eyes closed as she flashes her shears,
And I wonder if my hidden fears
At last will come to light? A tight
Feeling in my gut - defined as fright
Almost brings me back to where I came
In on this. Every day is not the same
While life is incorporated as a game
As my Lady holds the shears above my name,
And I'm holding two aces and one worldly
Joker named Sam.