The Adventures of Theo Fuzzybottom, Episode 2, continued

Fuzzy sighed: "Well, I guess I can do that to help out Shakey, but this is the last time." The music had just stopped for a break, so the girls were free. Fuzzy stood up, somewhat stiffly I might add, and limped over to Dora who was whispering something to the other singer, Nora.

"'scuse me, Dora, but my friend over here would really love to meet you, drinks are on us." Dora looked down at him, and well, frankly liked what she saw, and with malice aforethought she said "Sure, and Nora wants to come to" thinking that Fuzzy was the best catch, while subtly nudging Nora in the ribs. Nora blinked and said: "Oh, yeah, OK", and spied Shakey finishing off his honey beer, who was looking hopefully all the while at the scene of Fuzzy and the two girls.

The two couples

So in a minute, Fuzzy, Shakey, Dora and Nora were sitting at the table with a honey beer each, with each having their own plans for the evening. After a few slurps of their drinks, the conversation began to pick up a bit. Well, it seems that the fates dictated that Dora and Shakey were not to be the happy couple; Dora was far more interested in Fuzzy, and was moving closer to him and smiling. Nora, on the other hand, did find Shakey more her type. Now, Fuzzy was not the least bit interested in either of the girls, but being a gallant sort, manfully (or bearfully) kept up the conversation all the while wincing inside.

Dora said: "Fuzzy, tonight's my birthday, and there will be a party later. You and your friend are both are invited", and Fuzzy and I can have some more time to get to know each other, she thought to herself.

In the meantime, Nora and Shakey were actually getting into a good conversation, and meaningful looks were being given; it seems that these two had ignited a bit of a spark, not that Shakey was all that aware of this at the time. But just about then, the band came back on stage, so the girls had to go join them for next set.

"Thank the Great Bear", thought Fuzzy as the girls left, "but now what do I do? Egad, now a birthday party, and my poor rear!" He looked over to Shakey who was grinning from ear to ear, looking all the while at Nora on the stage. "Strange how things work out, Fuzzy my old mate", said Shakey, "seems that I've been eyeing off the wrong girl."

"So you're not upset about Dora fancying me rather than you then?" said Fuzzy.

"Upset, Upset? No mate, delighted is more the word. This is going to be fun! Next round is on me" and he raised his hand beckoning the barman to provide two more honey beers. So, tell me again how did you get injured?" The two sat swapping adventure stories. Things got a bit hazy after that; with Dora sitting next to him, Fuzzy noticed that the drummer and the bass player from the band didn't look happy at all.

Bruins Rest

And then - well, that's all that Fuzzy could remember of that evening when he woke up in a rather odd place. The sun was shining into his eyes and he opened one bleary, bloodshot orb and squinted. "Oooh" he groaned, vowing to forever swear off honey beer. And as his vision cleared a bit, he could see a very large, fierce looking bear standing over him, who said "Well, looks like he's coming' around, Ma." Fuzzy slowly stood up, took another look at the bear, and his equally fierce wife.

What's for dinner

The large bear said, "Well, sir, we found you in the middle of the road there and figured it wasn't a good place to be, so we brought you home for dinner." Fuzzy looked around and saw what was slowly rotating on the spit and said hurriedly: "Er, thanks, but I'll just have a bit of a walk now" Fuzzy said and staggered out of the yard down the path.


As he made his way along the road trying to put some distance between himself and family cabin, he began to realize that this was a far stranger place than he had ever been before. This was no ordinary land just down the road a bit. He saw cows being raised into the air by some strange lights. "No no this is not normal at all!" he groaned, and as he high tailed it down the hill even more strange sights awaited him.

Renee's cabin

Row after row of cabins; each one a wonder of fantastic creation. He was walking in what seemed like a long dream, but then noticed the cabins all had the same sign out front: AW Reunion and a name. "Hmmm, he thought, this is definitely not my home world…" Then,just when he thought that he would never find out where he was. he saw one cabin with a name he had seen before: Renee.

Gaia's cabin

But his hope was soon dashed when he noticed two rather scary men with guns sitting in the window, so he kept walking. And then he saw a name he knew well: Gaia. Oh yes! His heart filled with hope as he approached the door and knocked, but no one was home. He looked in the window but could see only a warm and inviting but empty house. And so hope fading he knocked once more but still no one came, and for brief moment he thought he would try the door to see if it was locked. But no, that would be breaking the long held bear code; no respectful bear ever breaks the Goldie locks rule.

Digigurl and Fuzzy

So once again he began to make his way through this wild and amazing village. It was not long before he found him self in font of an interesting cabin that looked like quite a party house, with the exception of an outline of a body on the ground out front. He was just happy to see people, and maybe someone here could at least tell him were he was. As he drew closer to the cabin he thought he saw someone he vaguely remembered from his travels. Could it really be her?? The Caretaker; he had seen her only once before at his cousin Rufus' wedding.

Oh, hello Fuzzy, what are you doing here?" said Digigurl, "Aren't you a bit far from home?" I am very happy to see you, but you look a bit worse for wear.

Fuzzy nodded. "I have no idea where I am or how I got here."

Digigurl nodded. "Rough night, huh?"

Fuzzy winced. "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Digigurl motion him over to a chair, gave him cool drink. She sat for a long while listening to him as he told his story This brought him a measure of relief, and she was attentive and kind. Then when he was done she told him he was at a great gathering of builders from many lands - the great AW reunion. She also quietly suggested he might lay off the honey beer for a time, and told him there was nothing to fear. In fact, he might find he would enjoy a good look around. Feeling much better after this chat, he decided that yes, indeed that was a grand idea. After all he was a reporter, and this was truly an amazing place.

But he did wish to get home and find out just what had happen to him. So he asked "Just how far from home am I and how can I get home from here?"

"Well, do you want to go home? I know the way", said Digigurl. "I tell you what, go enjoy yourself and have a nice walk look around and when you are ready to go home. Return here to me."

As Fuzzy walked, he took a number of photos [Ed. note: See more Photos by Fuzzy on the Build of the Month page]. So he spent the rest of the day just wandering about taking in all the builds. But after some time he decided it was time to get home and sort out what had happened. He returned to the cabin of the great caretaker. Digigurl asked, "Well, are you ready to go home?"

"Yes please" replied Fuzzy, and before he knew it he was back in Yellow, and felt he could almost kiss the ground. It took a few moments before Fuzzy was aware someone was staring at him...

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