The Adventures of Theo Fuzzybottom, Episode 3, continued

The transition back to Yellow was so fast that Fuzzy didn't really know what happened, except that his feet felt a bit damp, and he just knew someone was staring at him. He looks down and saw that he had been 'ported directly onto someone's lunch, and saw the bread and cheese squished between his claws. "Oh yech" he mumbled. He looked around and saw his cousin Rufus looking at him somewhat bemused. Now, Rufus works at the Admiratio Transport Company, which is right in the center of Admiratio Village.

"Hey Fuzzy, you make a great entrance" said Rufus, looking sadly at what was supposed to be his lunch.

"Oh, er, Hi Rufus. Um, sorry about that; I didn't have much choice where I landed."

"Well, teleportation does take a bit of practice, so then what brings you to me then?"Rufus asked.

Fuzzy in the lunch

So Fuzzy began the saga of Shakey's request, and how he ended up at Dora's birthday party, how he drank his fair share of honey beer, trying to avoid the unwanted attentions of Dora, winding up in AW Reunion, and finally being sent back home by the caretaker Digigurl. Rufus was listening and nodding at appropriate pauses in Fuzzy's tale, wondering what his favourite cousin had got himself into now, somewhat distracted by the grumbles of his lunch-free stomach.

"And then, just before I met Digigurl to get sent back home here, I started to ask her if she knew what might have happen to my clothes. You see, when I woke up my favourite vest was gone, and I was dressed in these clothes. I really have to find out what happen to me and my vest".

Rufus rolled his eyes. "Oh sure. That explains why you landed here. I gave you that vest so since you were thinking of it - I guess that's why you're here, hmmmm interesting…" Rufus said while rubbing his chin. He got up and began to pace back and forth. Rufus had always fancied himself a great detective.

Now this seems like fate, a mystery indeed, had literally dropped into his waiting lap. Since getting married his life and become a bit, well, predictable, and his wife was going to be away all next week visiting her mother who was ill. "Yep yep" he mumbled with a big grin, "fate indeed".

"So, what do ya think Rufus, can ya help me solve this mystery?" asked Fuzzy.

"Yes. You're lucky I just happen to have some time, I think a visit to find your buddy Shakey would be good place to start". Fuzzy let out a deep long groan. "Well, the thing is Rufus, after I got over the - ah - shock and got away from that werebear family, I thought that it was kinda neat, I mean walking around taking snapshots of creative folks' builds. I tried a few times to call Shakey; all I got was a message saying that the caller was not available.

In Rufus' office

Rufus said: "OK, Fuzzy, let's go into my office here and we can see what we can think up to solve this mystery of yours."

The two bears went into Rufus's office, where Fuzzy tried several more times to try and reach Shakey. He called his home, his work, and even tried his mom, but no one had seen him for days. Meanwhile Rufus took out a map of Yellow and looked at it. "Hmm. Well the road to Winter Mountain is closed this week for repair. So no one is going to be at the playhouse for sure... oh!" And Rufus stopped as if the proverbial light bulb had gone off over his head. "I know, hold on." He began to rummage through the papers on his desk. "It's here somewhere; I saw it this morning. Ah, yes, here we are. Before Cleo's Ma got sick she and I were going to go to this party, that band the Cub Reporters will be playing. That would be a good place to start" . He handed Fuzzy a flyer for a the Yellow Halloween Ball, which was being hosted by the Yellow Gazette.

Fuzzy winced. Great Bear, another party, and he had promised Digigurl to keep off the honey beer. And this party was in a grave yard, even in Old Echo Meadow. Well, there was nothing for it, so he said: "OK, cousin, let's do it. How do we get to this place anyway?"

"Well first things first, we have to get you a costume. After all, this is undercover covert ops my boy" grinned Rufus.

For a minute fuzzy wondered if asking Rufus for help had been a good idea after all. He seemed to be getting in to the role of detective with a bit too much intensity.. Oh well, all that really mattered was finding Shakey, and working out what happened. And above all, finding his favourite vest. (To be continued…)

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