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Poliatevska and Ozman

For October, we feature one of Yellow's newer builders, Poliatevska. She is very interested in music, as can be seen from her Suzuki Center. She's learned a lot from other builders in Yellow and has certainly used what she has learned. Also featured are some builds by Ozman who thought it was time to blow his own trumpet a bit...

Poliatevska's Builds

Polia's Suzuki Centre Polia's Minimart
The Suzuki Center
659S 1663E 0.01a 0
A Minimart
373S 39E -0.03a 315
Polia's arcade games Polia's Green Kiwi
Polia's arcade games
370S 43E -0.03a 270
The Green Kiwi Resort
663.054S 1666.7E 0.02a 180

Ozman's Builds

Ozman's tree city Riverside Fishing Lodge
The Flets -- a tree town
87S 1101E 0.3a 180
Riverside Fishing Lodge
1695N 149E 0.3a 90
A ski lift Temple street scape
The Chalet's ski lift
1959.18N 208.52E 9.81a 270
A streetscape in the Temple Precinct
878.1N 1274.2E -0.02a 90

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