Yellow Gazette Building Tips

Builds of the Month

Builds recommended by the winners of the Hide and Seek and Costume contests.

Nicopaul's build

Nicopaul's Cathedral
Located in AlphaWorld at 70n 5886e 0.3a 0

Shirin's builds

Shirin's Pirates world
Located in Pirates. Opening soon!

Dreamer2's build

Dreamer2's opera house
Located in AlphaWorld at 1585.03n 1143.20w 0.06a 90

Buddy's builds

Buddy's builds
Located in AWWild at 1693n 1963w, and Buddy's store is in AW at 7994n 30075w 0.0a 270

Za's builds

Za's builds
Located in the world Mirage. Ask Za for an invitation.

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Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please contact Ozman (, or send him a telegram. Please provide the coordinates and if you have favourite screen shots, please include them too. Any description or comments will also be greately appreciated.