Vol. 3 No. 3 May 2012

It all started a few months back, when Rufus found out he was to be a father, and promptly fell off a ladder and broke his leg. It seems while he was in hospital he began to have grave concerns as to his future and his ability to be a good father and provider. So he sent a letter to his Uncle Shamus over in AW Reunion. Uncle Shamus runs the YG retreat there. to ask his advice, after all Shamus was the father of 12 so he had to know a trick or two.

While awaiting a reply Rufus was released from the clinic and sent home. Only to find that his wife had packed up everything and was making plans to follow the traditional ways and hibernate. Not in their comfy home, but she wanted to go all natural and stay in the family cave located out on Longfoot Island. At first Rufus was dead set against it. But as is the way of marriage he yielded to his wife: "you know the saying: happy wife happy life."

He gathered up everything and they drove to the YG tour docks, were Rufus had made arrangement via Old TimTim to rent a small sail boat for there travels up river to the traditional Longfoot family cave. He was hoping the trip via river would be - well - relaxing and a bit romantic.

Getting on the boat

Rufus had bought Chloe flowers and even packed a picnic basket all by himself for the trip. It took a while and bit of effort to get all the belongings on board, as Chloe seem to have packed everything but the house it's self. Once it was all stowed away...He then set to getting Chloe onboard.

Chloe on the boat

Once he had Chloe settle on the deck, they began their trip up the East Yellow River. The river was peaceful and the weather mild, so it was no surprise to Rufus when Chloe fell into a deep sleep. For the first time in a long while he was happy and the worries of recent days seemed a distant memory. They had been on the river for little more than an hour when in the distance Rufus spotted dark shape along the blur of the horizon. Oh I hope that is not rain. Hate to have to wake Chloe, he thought. He covered Chloe in a blanket and crossed his fingers it would not rain, all the while keeping on eye on the cloud.

The strange cloud grew larger and larger was moving at great speed yet, there was no wind, as he grabbed his binoculars and had a look. It became rapidly clear was not a cloud at all but an Airship. The ship was weaving about something fierce as it drew closer; Rufus could hear what sounded like someone singing. And he could see a small dark shape darting about the cabin. The ship swooped down so low as to hit the mast of their tiny boat, sending it spinning. Before he knew it Rufus had been tossed overboard. He did his best to swim back to the ship but the current and the cast on his leg pulled him away from the ship. He yelled for Chloe who was still fast asleep. Rufus could do nothing as it took all his strength just to swim to shore.

Rufus overboard

Horrified and in shock he could do nothing but watch as his wife and the boat drifted away. He could still see that airship as well. It was darting back and fourth across the sky. Clearly giving no care or notice they had just hit the small boat. A deep resolve born of pure instinct gave him the strength to make a vow. Not only would he find his wife, but he was going to find that airship idiot and teach him a thing or two. But at that moment all he could do is start walking.

It was late afternoon when Chloe awoke. She was shocked and a bit disoriented. Where was Rufus, why had he not awakened her. The small boat had come to rest on the sandy shore. At first she thought maybe he was off call of nature and all. She called for him again and again but soon realized something was not right. She had no idea were she was, or what was she going to do, it was nearly night. She made her way off the boat to shore - not an easy task for bear in her condition. She secured the boat and began to look round.

Chloe beached

She soon realized she knew this place. It was the old camp Burrfoots; her family had visited this place when she was a child, and it was a magical place then with soaring tree houses and paddle boats, oh was a wonderful summer. But now, oh my, how this place had changed. By the looks of it know one had been round here for years. Weeds had grown over everything so high she was having trouble getting her bearings.

And her concern for Rufus grew a bit more from fear to toward anger. What had happened to him? How could he abandon her? She had to push that from her mind for now as it was getting dark and she needed shelter. As she made her way off the beach she could see a tree house. It seemed to be the only one left; well great, she thought, why it could not be a ground level hut.

To the treehouse

After a long climb she was happy to find the place in good nick. And there was even a good stack of fire wood, the water was running but best of all there was a lift. Well, it was not going to be easy but as she been telling everyone for months that tried to baby her she was expecting, not sick. After an hour or so she had managed to get most all their belonging up to the tree house. She even changed and started a fire.

She made herself a cup of tea and sat down and had a few honey buns. It was a good thing Rufus packed that picnic basket, he had picked all her favorite foods. She stared out in to the darkness for the longest time. Her mind racing with questions, her eyes welling up with tears. She screamed into the darkness. "Rufus, where are you??" After a good long cry, she made a pallet near the fire and laid down. Soon exhaustion won the battle of the day and she drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile Rufus' ordeal was finally getting better; after hours of hobbling along the shore line he had made it back to the YG tour docks. And as luck would have it Old TimTim was just getting back from a day's fishing. "Hi ya Rufus, What ya doing out here and look at ya my boy, you been swimming?? Bit cold for that. I can tell you a tale, about me true. But before TimTim could carry on with what was sure to be a whopper of a tale, Rufus interrupted him and in nearly one breath he told of the dramatic events of his day. TimTim gave Rufus his power boat, and then TimTim set off for the village to get help in the search. Rufus had no idea were he was going and it was nearly dark. The dim lights on the small boat did little to aid in his search, but he knew the rivers path, and it was lucky that the rains had been moderate this year so the river was running slow and smooth. This gave him little comfort however, when he thought of his wife alone. He pushed the motor on the boat for all it was worth searching the shore for any signs. He just rounded the bend into old Burrfoots cove when a fog started to settle in. He was exhausted, only his fear and concern for Chloe was keeping him going. Then a ray of hope; he could just make out a dim light on the far shore. As he moved closer he could see it was a person, then his heart sailed with hope as he could see the his boat resting on the shore. The light was moving closer toward the boat. It must be Chloe, he thought.

But as he drew the boat into the shore a voice greeting him: "Well my dear boy, what has happened to you? What a sight you are." The figure was a female; she seemed to be dressed in all thing a sister's (nurses) uniform..

Meeting Emily

"Come along now, you are nearly late. Would not wish to miss the birth of your child do ya?" She smiled and motions him on shore. "Excuse me," said Rufus, "hump who are you, and what do you know of my wife??" "Never mind that," said the woman, "no time. We must get going. Follow me." And with that she turned and moved toward the wood. Rufus was gob smacked, and just stood there for second with his mouth a gap.

But with a jerk he came to his senses when he noticed the candle light fading as she was enveloped by the wood. He ran to catch up. "Hello madam, are you going? Where is my wife?"

She did not speak only motioned him forward and then came to a halt and pointed straight ahead. Rufus could just make out the steps wrapping around the base of a massive tree, as she gesture upward he followed her lead and looked up. He was amazed to see a tree house and the faint flicker of candle light. he did not think twice he simply ran for the steps, taking them two and three at a time. He burst thru the door at the top, and what he saw brought tears to his eyes. There was his love, his wife, sleeping safe and warm in front of the fire.

Chloe sleeping

His emotion exploded and he yelled out her name Chloe. She sat straight up. "What. Oh Rufus is that really you?" She said then jumped up to greet him. The two embraced. Then after a long moment Chloe pushed him away and in her best mocked anger she as she wagged a finger at him. "And JUST WERE HAVE YOU BEEN??" Then they laughed and again found comfort in each others arms.

Rufus was just about to start to explain, when Chloe noticed a light coming up the stairs. "Is someone with you Rufus?" Chloe asked. "Oh yes, there was a woman on the beach she lead me here. I have no idea who she is." Just then the woman entered. :Ahhhh so nice to see young love."

"But you will have to wait till later for that. Now it looks like it is time to have a baby." "Ah, no, not now," said Rufus. "We are fine. "Do not tell me how to do my job young man; I have been delivering cubs since this tree was a sapling. Now go get some hot water boiling and I will need some fresh soft pine needles and yes yes sweet grass, and oh yes, a cup of tea would be nice." The couple just stood there staring. "Well what's the problem?" the woman asked. "well mam --" started Chloe when suddenly she stopped and grabbed Rufus arm with such a grip his knees buckled.

Rufus buckling

"Wow, what is it Chloe," asked Rufus. Chloe again applied pressure to Rufus' arm. And he dropped to his knees "WOOO ouch," yelped Rufus. "It is time," said Chloe Ah, young folk always fast to state the obvious", the mystery woman giggled more to herself than to the couple.

Chloe began to panic, but one look into this old woman's kind eyes and she soon forgot any concerns. Once Chloe was settled on the bed the woman again turned to Rufus who was now standing eye bugged mouth a gap and looking for all the world like he was going to faint.

Rufus upset

"Ahem young man about the water, and the sweetgrass. you find the water in the tap and the sweet grass at the bottom of the lift. Put the water on in a pot over the fire to boil and go down the lift and bring back the bundles of sweet grass you find there and put the grass in that pillow case. Then I need you to go gather some soft pine needles. NOW," she said in motherly demand. This snapped Rufus back to task at hand, and off he went.

After Rufus had left the house and before her next pain came Chloe turn to the woman and asked, "May I ask, who are you ? And how did you know anyone was in this abandone place?" The woman was silent for a moment then turned and smiled.

Chloe & emily

"Well I always know when a Burrfoot woman is about to give birth, has been my calling for a very long time to bring life into this world for our clan." Chloe was confused and a bit hesitant to respond. "But I am not a Burrfoot sister," said Chloe. "Ahhh dear, you may call me Emily and you are a Burrfoot. You may not have known it but you are or I would not be here. Nor would you be in this place it's very special and if the fates have chosen you to bring new life in this place. Then I know this is a sign you are to bring the clan itself life." Her presence was so warm and gave such comfort that Chloe dared not argue or question out of pure respect.

And before another word was said the conversation was cut short by the growing urgency of the task at hand. And so nature did follow its path and in a short while Chloe gave birth to three healthy cubs.

Chloe was so enraptured and exhausted by the events the conversation earlier never crossed her mind. She and Rufus were so caught up in the joy of their new family the two never noticed Ms Emily depart, when the two looked up and noticed she was not there. Rufus ran to the stairs to see if he could find her, by the time he reached the mid way point he could just make out her figure outlined by the candle light.

Emily going

He yelled but she never turned, he thought for a moment to follow her; a woman should not be alone out there. Then he could hear her voice faintly, almost like music carried on the breeze, "Worry not for me young male go back to your family care for them well. And he swore there was a swirl of light and the fog seem to consume the light, and she was gone. Any other time this event would have merited more investigation. But not that night, all he could do was think about his family. So he was up the stairs. But a small voice in his head kept asking, who was that woman anyway?

It was few days later I made my way out to the tree house in Burrfoot Cove to bring Rufus supplies. It seems Chloe has decided to stay there awhile. There is no word yet on who that woman was but you can bet I will follow up on the mystery. But for now I and all the members of the Fuzzybottom and all the clans as well as staff at the YG would like to formally welcome the three newest members of the clan. Two girls and a boy, we all look forward to attending their naming ceremonies. And we wish them and their parents peace and good fortune in all the days to come.



I am still searching for that Leprechaun who stole my new Airship and left us stranded in AW Reunion world. Uncle Shamus and the rest of the clan all made it to Steam City, and have been helping out Uncle Shamus get his new place in order.

Wanted posters are being placed round Yellow. If you see this creature do not approach him or try and catch him. Report the sighting to the YG or to the rangers. We will keep everyone informed as the new information comes in.

Wanted poster

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