Doc1's latest builds

We are pleased to feature Doc1's latest builds in Yellow. He thinks big, and he's also very interested in the steampunk genre, which we are highlighting this month. Below is a collage of these new builds, followed by a brief interview. Enjoy!

Doc1's builds

Interview with Doc1

TF: What got you interested in steampunk?

Doc1: Yes well back in 1999 there was a movie called Wild Wild West Starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. In that movie I saw all these cool old time looking gadget looking machines. I really didn't know what it was called just, thought it was so interesting and cool. Then I realized that the machines i have seen were like the ones I saw in the movie Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. They had a Sub called the Nautilus. So while we were trying to come up with a compitition build in yellow someone said Steampunk. Once I looked up what steampunk was. i realy became interested in the art and became a big fan of the science fiction sub-genre.

TF: What are you planning to build next with this theme?

Doc1: I am building a steampunk steam train factory and yard and other things. I've come up with my own design using objects from Yellow.

TF: What advice would you give to a new builder interested in doing something with steampunk as a format?

Doc1: Go to the net. Google "steampunk". There are many interesting pictures and stories about steampunk. Bring you ideas back to Yellow and experiment with some of the pictures you have seen.

TF: Anything you would like to add?

Doc1: Steampunk is usually Victorian era with misplaced science technology, mostly steam power for its time. It's an art. Try it, you will like it. Just gives you a new look on what you can build in Yellow.

TF: Thanks for your time, Doc. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Doc1's pic

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