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This month we feature an amazing theme park by Urbane Chaos, along with an interview with him at his site. Eloquent Sanity is our second Build of the Month this time; he has developed an interesting '4 seasons' village.

Urbane Chaos' Active Worlds Games. Coordinates: 1306.17N 1299.96W -0.01a 360

Interview with Urbane Chaos

Recently I managed to interview Urbane Chaos, a veteran builder in AW.
Theo Fuzzybottom (TF): We want to feature this build in Build of the Month
Urbane Chaos (UC): Thanks, that means a lot :-D
TF: How long have you been building?
UC: This build? Maybe a month at the most -- two if ya stretch it.
TF. OK. And how long have you been building in AW?
UC: Since '98.
TF: Whoa! I gather you are enjoying building here then.
UC: You bet; personally, I love to see how far the software can be pushed.
TF: Are you a programmer or a computer guy in RL?
UC: No. Actually, I'm a full time writer, and to marketing as well.
TF: OK; so that's why the good marketing advice area you have made here.
UC: That's exactlyit. I want people to know that they can help market Active Worlds.
TF: Does anyone know about this build yet?
UC: Very few people. I've had to ask for help once or twice.
TF: How many projects have you done in Yellow?
UC: Just this. I really don't build that much anymore, besides here.
TF. Do you have any future plans for what you want to do in Yellow?
UC: I want to do a fun house, and was thinking about doing a Bug's Life, but haven't decided what yet.
TF: Sounds fascinating. We should put some feelers out on that one (sorry...)
UC: My friend, that was horrible, but yet, amusing. ;-)
TF: The hard work was well worth it. This is a lot of fun.
UC: Most of it was trying to figure out how to make it as easy to use as possible, without losing the detail. There are still a few things I need to figure out, like how to turn a camera upside down.
TF: It's a stunning build.
UC: I gotta get running; anything else you need from me before I depart?
TF: Thanks so much for your time. There's wonderful stuff here
UC: Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I figured all this was simple stuff that's been done before, otherwise I would have posted something about it. Thanks for taking a look here, hope ya enjoy!

Urbane ChaosUrbane Chaos

Active Worlds GamesCoordinates: 1306.17N 1299.96W -0.01a 360

Eloquent Sanity's Villages. Coordinates: 1041.45S 986.84E -0.01a 129

Have a nice walk around, enjoy the seasons all in one time.

Eloquent Sanity's place Coordinates: 1041.45S 986.84E -0.01a 129

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