The Adventures of Theo Fuzzybottom, Episode 9, continued

Fuzzy said nothing for long moment, then he simply replied "Rule number 7."

Randy, nervous and more than a bit hesitant, took deep breath and asked "Rule number 7?? What is that??"

Again Fuzzy paused, knowing full well the anguish this was putting poor Randy thru, was having a bit fun with the situation; there was no way he was going to make this easy on the cub. Finally he spoke: "Well, are you telling me no one's been telling ya the Bear Rules?"

A bit frightened to answer, Randy simply mumbled "Nnno sir. I have heard the bear code, but I never been told about the Bear Rules??"

"Ahhh, well then let me tell you, the bear code is for all bears; the rules are just for us male bears. Long ago it was clear that male bears needed some instruction to keep them out of trouble, and from killing each other (he added with a bit of a smirk);" Randy gulped. Fuzzy repeated: "killing each other. So a wise group of elder bear set down a list of rules to keep things more peaceful. Truth be told, it was the females that insisted. They were sick of all the fighting and threatened to leave Yellow if things did not get more civilized.. So anyways rule 7 is asking your boss to date his sister or any of his female kin."

Fuzzy laughed, a real belly juggler. "You Randy, jumped right into one of the more dangerous ends of the river there mate. The Rule is clear if you have been brave enough to ask the question, then you should be brave enough to follow what I tell you next to the letter, after all cubs who break the rules tend to find them selves in all manner of unpleasant situations.

"So here is the rule. If I say yes you must have her home by 11pm. You will treat her with the respect due a young lady". (Fuzzy had hard time keeping a straight face thinking of Petal as a lady.) "Do you have any question as to my meaning ??" Fuzzy gave Randy his best scary glare.

Randy gulped again and blurted out: "Yes sir, I understand".

"Alright then you have my permission to ask her to the dance." Fuzzy gave Randy a slap on the back. And began to make his way once again down the road. Randy was pretty sure he heard Fuzzy snicker and mutter something like poor boy. After a second Randy ran to catch up; he was a mess of conflicted emotions, but above all he was happy he was going to ask Petal to the big dance. Then his shoulders slumped and he was overtaken by something that never crossed his mind: what if she says no.

Petal did indeed accept his invitation. After all, it was all her idea from the start, but like a wise female she allowed the males to think they arranged the whole thing. The dance was great fun. Everyone was a bit sad at the passing of one of the great builder, Mauz. And many a wonderful story was shared about how she had touched each of their lives. Fuzzy only hoped that someday people would miss and respect him as they all did Mauz. She would never be forgotten and that brought some joy to all.

collage of dance pics

Time passed quickly over the next few weeks; the weather seems to be playing havoc with all Fuzzy's tasks. The rain came down for days without stopping. It flooded the lower level of the YG office. It had taken a great deal of work to get the Gazette up and running again. But Fuzzy was once again able to hit the road and meet and interview some very skilled builders (see the pictures and interviews on the build of the month page).

With Randy by his side, they traveled all over Yellow, but not once in the past month had Randy said a word about Petal and or the dance. And petal as well had said not a word. But Fuzzy was far to busy to think on that topic. Not only had the YG office flooded, so had his house. He was staying with his Cousin Rufus that was until [???]

His Cousin Rufus had managed to find him self in the Admiratio clinic. It seems he was putting up a banner to welcome his wife Chloe home. She had been called away just two months after they had got back from their honeymoon and her mother had insisted she come home to help care for help ill father. And while she was gone she well found out she was expecting cubs. But she never told Rufus; she wanted it to be a surprise, and oh boy was it ever that when she walked in and Rufus saw her condition. He fainted dead away falling from the ladder and breaking his leg.

Fuzzy called in the Yellow Builders Guild (YBG) to help rebuild his house. Seems that Fuzzy's best pal Shakey has been doing very well in his new job with the guild master appointing him head foreman. In fact, Shakey had invited Fuzzy to cover the Ground breaking on the start of the new YBG head quarters. The building complex will be just outside the New Cairstiona Sea, near Admiratio Village. Fuzzy checked with his editors, who told him that covering this event would be excellent for his career prospects, but he had better check with Lucy Larksong, the office manager, to make the arrangements. This was not something that Fuzzy wished to hear. What will Lucy do with Fuzzy? The next episode tells all...

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