Builds of the Month

Tunablue and Dreamer2

The team of Tunablue and Dreamer2 were two of the first builders in Yellow. We are pleased to present a small sample of their builds in July's Gazette. The coordinates over each screenshot will take you to that build. Be sure to visit D'Park, where you will find an outstanding history of Yellowstone Park.

1965.82N 1946.94W 0.33a 268 1977.16N 1825.37W 0.46a 310
D'Park Entrance Campground
1966N 1840W 0.2a 0 1986.88S 1752.07W 0.42a 1
D'Park signs Bear Creek yard
721.80N 1143.57E 0.01a 270 721.8N 1154E 0.01a 270
Sequatchie House Starbucks

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Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like one of your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please contact Ozman (, or send him a telegram. Please provide the coordinates and if you have favourite screen shots, please include them too. Any description or comments will also be greately appreciated.