Featuring OzySEO's ToolBot

One of the top builders in AW these days is OzySEO. He's won a prize at the Extreme Builders contest in America this year; he's created cities, movers, some very innovative use of physics and camera together, and most recently, he's been developing bots. We were luck to catch him and grill him mercilessly on his activities, in particular here about his new ToolBOT.

The Interview

Randy: We've been watching your bots develop over the last couple of months. What got you started on them?

Ozy: Kinda got pushed into finding a paintball bot, but what I found I didn't much like, so I started figuring out how to write a script.

Randy: Right, and you decided to use the Xelagot program for this?

Ozy: It has extra scripts you can download, and script writing instructions I didn't find anywhere else, so I went with it. Still had to figure out quite a bit though.

Randy. OK, now for the unenlightened, can you describe just what a bot is?

Ozy: Basically, it's a sub-program that Active Worlds can read and use.

Randy: Ah, so it's just a written program and not an object in itself?

Ozy: Correct, the avatar of the bot is just a visual of where the program is located, and if you're not the CT of the world you're in, it has a range of effects, the X1 is its 200 visibility limit. That is not its visual limits though, such as a ball bot.

Randy: Can you explain that a bit more?

Ozy: Well, you could make a visible bot change shapes, move around, chat with people it runs into, on its own. I'm even thinking of making a world property search bot. It's really limited only to your own imagination.

Randy: That would be handy. So, in order to do this, you create a script and then load it into the ActiveWorlds directory on your computer?

Ozy: Well, with the X1 you'd put the script in its Extra Scripts file (within the ActiveWorlds directory), then you need to turn it on using the X1's own programming.

Randy: Is there any particular programming language that you need to use?

Ozy: LOL, you got me, last computer language I knew was QBasic, not sure if this is C, C+, C++, or whatever!

Randy: OK. So, your ToolBOT is a multipurpose bot that can work in public worlds?

Ozy: Yes, and private worlds for their owners which can work globally, or for anyone they allow to bring their own bot to.

Randy: Right. Now, is there a place where people who want to use this Xelagot program can get help to learn it?

Ozy: Well, the Xelagot, once you download it and run it, has a Help option, which will open to its website, where all the info is.

Randy: Ok, and you have generated a webpage where people can get this easily: http://rjbradio.com/Ozyseo/ -- is that right?

Ozy: Actually its Dovestar's website, and thanks to him, yes you can download the X1 and the ToolBOT script if you want it.

Randy: Excellent. And thank you Dovestar. Now, can you tell me a bit about your ToolBOT?


Ozy: That started with Apooka and Ozman wanting some sort of visitor counter, for a certain location, like a party, or a new build, just to see how many people visited the location. But I just couldn't stop after I started. So it does all kinds of things, generally for building. It functions using chat and left clicking on objects to build.

The newest version also can add an action line or add to pre-existing action commands, by left clicking on objects. So you can go back to an old build and change only the texture in the action line without altering scale or move, or whatever else is in the action line, all while moving around, without opening an object properties window.

Ozy's ToolBOT area

Ozy's Testing area: Coords 613.74N 1768.12W 5.90a 62

It can also change move, color tint, same as texture, any action commands.

Randy: It sounds extremely useful indeed. Do you have a help page for ToolBOT?

OzySEO: Not yet, but each chat command you enter, it will chat a line of instructions just for that command. Been working on clearing up instructions and the menu.

Randy: For novices (like me, for example) that would be very useful, if not essential.

Ozy: The "Coords" command is my favorite, and easiest as anyone in it visibility can use. It's gotten big enough, I need the reminders myself, LOL.

Randy: Has anyone started using it yet?

Ozy: Not sure, I know some people have come and played around a bit in my testing area, once I give them "other boss" rights, and have gotten requests for it, and I use it all the time. I wish it was around when I started AW. Those who don't, their loss. After all it's free.

Randy: So folks can come here and try it before buying, so to speak?

Ozy: Yep, but only AWI get paid; for the one bot limit you need $21. But the bot and the ToolBOT script are free.

Randy: You can visit OzySEO's ToolBOT site at Yellow 613.19N 1768.38W 5.70a 63. And thanks, Ozy, for a very inspiring interview.

You can get the Xelagot1 program and ToolBOT at http://rjbradio.com/ozyseo/. Please note that you have to set up Xelagot1 on your system before you can use ToolBOT.

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