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We are offering a reflection of some of the EBTSV builds we found in 2014 as the highlight of this issue. This is followed by OzySEO's interview and some of his favourite builds.

Highlights of 2014  OzySEO  

Highlights of 2014

It's always difficult to select favourite builds over a whole year because there has been so much excellent stuff done in 2014. So we offer these hightlights in a purely subjective manner and hope you enjoy revisiting these builds.

James James won the EBTSV contest with this build. If you ever wondered what those Dwarfs did when they were "off to work they go", now is your chance take a ride on the little train into the mines. Fulfill a childhood fantasy. See the wonders and beauty of this underground adventure. Coords: America 407.40N 470.69W 0.05a 139.

Vera Vera has created this fine example of streamlined architecture. The build is a residential estate, with clean lines and perfect proportions, everything a 21st century house should be. Coords: America 460.84N 421.39W 0.51a 177.

Apooka Apooka with a bit of help from Ozman put this build together. There's lots to see and do on two levels here. See if you can find them! Coords: America 428.55N 420.98W 0.05a 179.

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OzySEO's interview and his favourite builds

Randy: You have done some fantastic builds. What are your favourites?

Ozy: My city, Sin City in Yellow, the Rockin' Roller Coaster in the America EBTS contest, the dance club in AWSchool. Oh, and the bowling alleys.

Randy: Great. Can we visit them now? Could you show me some of the best bits?

Ozy: Sure, where ya wanna start?

Randy: We went over to Sin City. I said: "This is quite a town you've got here."

Ozy: Sin City - it's got 49 city blocks, and I keep my vis at 100.

Sin City GZ

Randy: So this is the LZ where we are now? Yellow 526.80N 1757.03W 1.10a 305.

Ozy: theres a map of the city here and in Grand Central Station. All vehicles here are movers, except the ambulance in front of the hospital.

Randy: If a visitor clicks on the dot below the city map, what happens?

Ozy: It's a server controlled mover that takes you around Central Park and brings you back to the LZ. Use to play ac/dc's Sin City, lol.

Randy: we went over to Ozy's penthouse on the 90th floor. Are you still working on the city?

Ozy: From time to time, just used ToolBOT to change the parks trees and ground texture.

Randy: Did that work faster than before?

Ozy: Much faster, I didn't even attempt to do it till I made the bot. Didn't have to move anything, just flew around and left clicked. also didn't have to worry about if some object had scale or anything else in the action commands. I can change the buildings textures easy as pie.

Randy: Can you show me your favourite part of the city?

Ozy: well, there's the apartments, also the deep space photo gallery, bowling alley, night club, art gallery, indoor go karts.

Randy: We went to the Deep Space photo gallery. Very nice; Excellent shots of nebulae and such.

Entry to Deep Space Gallery

Ozy: Someone said I should thank NASA, I say why, who you think paid for NASA.

Randy: Indeed. Your tax dollars at work.

Ozy: There's some planetary and moon shots also. I actually eliminated some so the download wasn't too much. it is very colorful, beautiful.

Randy: Indeed it is. Lovely exhibit.

Ozy: You could spend some time here for sure. Maybe a date night for someone, lol.

Randy: Absolutely! Unfortunately, time is running on much as I'd like to stay here. Can we go to your next build?

Ozy: Roller coaster?

Randy: OK. We went next to America, to Ozy's award winning roller coaster, located at America 491.69N 480.54W 0.05a 267.

Entry to Roller coaster in America

Randy:Yes, this is a spectacular piece of work.

Ozy:I guess my inspiration comes in bursts, then I can't stop til it's done.

Randy: I think I can understand that. And this is the build where you used a lot of camera work, right?

Ozy: well, actually just one camera and AW physics.

Randy: I'd like to explore how you did this later perhaps. You're probably the only person I know who's combined those features.

Ozy: Sure, whatever.

Randy: Great. And you said your bowling alley here is your best? We went to the bowling alley at America. Coords America 260.52S 189.63E -1.39a 90. Works well.

Bowling Alley in America

Ozy: A lot of nit-picking to get it at realistic as possible, for now it's probably still easier than real bowling though, lol. And global and physics don't really work well together, so you might not see what I see.

Part III -- what he wants to see.

Randy: Now, what would you really like to see in AW?

Ozy: more people, and more people doing their own thing, instead of following the pack leaders. interactive things. building's fun, but you can only look at a lot of stuff.

Randy: Do you think the program itself has enough tools do to what you want now?

Ozy: Well, mostly, but I'd like the ability to use variables, and an easier way to do random.

Randy: Yes, a couple of other folks have said something similar.

Ozy: A world for newbies to play around, figure out how to build, and get wiped clean monthly would be good too.

Randy: Doesn't the school do something like that?

Ozy: Used to, not sure what they're doing there anymore, they changed the password on me and no one bothered to tell me, so I never finished the coaster there.

Randy: Hmm, a comms failure for sure.

Ozy: wWell, kinda tired of building roller coasters anyway, course if I could use my bot in America and AW, I'd copy the EBTS coaster there. The X1 can copy whole builds. for some reason people who own worlds fear other people's bots, even though they have no more build rights than their owners.

Randy: I guess it's sort of natural in some ways, particularly with all the viruses and stuff around. But I take the point.

Ozy: I'd bet a good hacker could put a virus in a telegram, and we all gram all the time.

Randy: Shh! Don't pass on the idea :-D Any last thoughts on what you want in AW?

Ozy: more use of scale to save on lag, less objects to load, and no useless bathrooms, kitchens, and bars, lol. One more thing...

Randy: Shoot.

Ozy: More advertising of other people's fun stuff, in places controlled by just a few people.

Randy: Couldn't agree more on that. There's some great stuff here. And this is what the YG is attempting to do as much as we can.

Ozy: they claim they want more people, but they really only want more people doing and seeing their stuff. Free press, greatest thing ever.

Randy: Well that's all the time we have today. Thanks so much for all the good information you've given. It's very much appreciated.

Ozy: No problems. Later.

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Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please telegram Ozman or Apooka. If you build it and tell us, they will come, that is, if they know the coordinates. So send us your builds and coordinates. Any description or comments you would like to add will also be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you can email

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